Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Poems I’m going to write and submit to Fence by Lindsey Baggette

Poem that I spilled a soda on but can still kind of read

Poem that isn’t just about porn but is porn

Shall I compare thee to a summative datum?

How to communicate diseases through a public pool

On the Phenomenology of Self: My Colon and its Relevance to Global Politics

I love you here is a gold star

Collage of words obscured by chocolate fingerprints in my copy of Aristotle’s Poetics

Excerpts from your secret diary that is now mine

Census on the tropical Pokemon of Japan

Hamburger insides poem
between two expansive poems

Poem delineating multiple dimensions of time that exists in a dimension we can’t perceive

Dissertation on American imperial brutality as sung by Jewel

This poem is reading your thoughts but it approves

Lullabies for your kidney stone

Poem about beach sex with sand glued over all of the dirty words

I am a better writer than Shakespeare

Poem about being in a helicopter, which goes in a couple of circles and then vomits on itself

Grandma called to say the elevator doesn’t smell bad anymore

Do not make paper birds out of this; I want it back

New news

And we're back!

After a long hiatus our Shakespeare-inspired / Classically Twisted / Gaiman insisting installments should be continuing.

I am beginning to realize that perhaps this blog has turned out to be less processural to my project and more the prelude and aftermath--of which the volume to be said is considerable.

Fluff aside: this week I write to post a new podcast series entitled Prometheus Unbound created by one C. Brady, a gifted classicist with a penchant for Shakespeare and other things close to my heart, who is working on his MA in Classics at UBC.

The project begins topically with Lucan's Pharsalia but doesn't stop there; his goal is to approach the Pharsalia in context through other contexts--which is a roundabout way of getting exactly to the core of things. In the first episode his lens happens to be the Bard's Julius and is co-hosted by yours truly.

So enjoy--as Brady says, it's as "hot as Phaeton post-driver's ed".